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Bulk Rename Images

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👩‍💻 How to use the Bulk Rename Images Tool

The Bulk Rename Images Tool is a free online tool that allows you to rename multiple files at once.

  1. Click the “Choose Files” button and select the files you want to rename.
  2. Enter the pattern you want to use to rename the files. There’s a list of patterns below.
  3. Click the “Rename Files” button.
  4. A zip file with the renamed files will be generated and downloaded to your computer.

Why use the Bulk Rename Images Tool?

The Bulk Rename Images Tool is useful if you have a lot of files that you want to rename consistently. It’s also useful if you want to rename files in a specific way.

For example you can use the Bulk Rename Images Tool to rename files to include the date and time they were taken. This is useful if you want to sort the files by date and time.

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